Aqua fitness tips

Find here all our advices to prepare your aqua fitness session and to choose the good accessories: foot wear, cap, swimsuit, etc...

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Have you had enough of flabby arms? Do you want to sculpt your upper body? Here are the best exercises to chisel your arms!

Many parents would like to take their children to the pool during hot weather or simply for them to experience the water and learn how to swim. However, with everything we read and hear about, the pool can sometimes be a scary place.

These well-known aqua-sports are now much talked about. Nabaiji will introduce you to a few of these fashionable fitness sports, which as well as being fun, are effective.


After explaining how you can have knockout buttocks and thighs this summer, now it's time to talk about a trendy new aquasport that is attracting more and more women who want a stunning waistline and a firm bottom.