Aqua learning Tips

Find here all our advices to safely accompany your child in the water, or to manage your first steps in an aquatic environment.

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Deux enfants qui jouent au volley ball

Nabaiji gives you several games ideas to drown boredom using a bit of water and a generous dose of imagination!

Enfant qui nage avec une planche

Does your child approach water with delight and enthusiasm? Maybe it's time they learnt how to swim!

Water is recognised as a very important element in child development. It offers many possibilities that are difficult to achieve on dry land or in the air.

You have young children and want to begin enjoying sport with your baby. However, your child is to young to join group lessons. Why not start gently by going to baby swimmer lessons?


Even before baby was born, your dreamt of enrolling with the water babies. But now that baby is here, you are having second thoughts. Is it dangerous? Is there a danger of infections? Can baby breathe underwater?


Professionals recommend that parents sign their children up for their first swimming lessons at around the age of six. Prior to this, children can discover the joys of water with their parents. There are many ways to teach your children the basics, starting at home for example.


It is an activity designed for young children accompanied by their parents. It is regulated by the circular n°75141 of 3 June 1975 by the Ministry for Youth and Sports, and is subject to a few conditions: