Children and a pool: let's play in the water!


Whether in an indoor or outdoor pool, it is always nice to be able to play with others. But to do so, you need good ideas and the right accessories!
This is why Nabaiji has developed different types of products so that young and old alike can have fun together.


What aquatic team games can we play all together?

Space permitting, and if there are several of you, an impromptu water polo match never goes amiss!
To understand the rules inside out, read this article which will tell you all you need to know about the rules of the game of water polo.



Ideally, you need 13 players (7 main players and 6 substitutes) for a game. But the most important thing is to have fun, regardless of the number of players, so come up with your own game!


With a ball, you could also do several head-up polo crawl races as a group by always keeping the ball in front of you! You will be surprised at just how much of a test this will be on your endurance and concentration...

Finally, you can also test your aim with target games!


Which accessories?

To play water polo, you will need a traditional ball or, for those who want to play like a pro, a polo professional water polo ball.


Finally, for the goal nets, the Polo’up is the indispensable element of your game.


For the head-up polo crawl race, a traditional ball will be fine for racing!


And finally, for aiming and target practice games, the Kulbuto is the ideal product. The Kulbuto moves when the ball enters the net. Throw the ball at the target and it tips over!


Enjoy all the fun of aquatic team games as a family.

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