Comment choisir son maillot de natation Homme

How to choose men's swimwear?


Swimming is a popular sport as it is easily accessible and inexpensive. An entry ticket, a swim cap, swimming goggles, a swimsuit, and you're off swimming lengths!

There's only one concern looming... the time to start or get back to training is fast approaching and you still haven't got your swimsuit. But how can you choose between the multitude of styles and fabrics available?

Swimsuits are specially designed to match your level and frequency of practice.

If you swim occasionally, less than once a week, go for swimwear that you feel comfortable in and that will be comfortable to wear. The material used for this type of swimsuit is polyamide elastane. The most suitable styles are classic swimming briefs, boxer shorts and swim shorts. Please note that the latter may not be permitted in all pools!


Men's swimwear occasionnally



If you swim regularly, once or twice a week, go for swimwear with good chlorine resistance. You should therefore opt for a model without elastane. As for the shape, it is advisable to choose a cut that will give you enough freedom of movement: classic swimming briefs, bandeau briefs, boxer shorts or long boxer shorts.


Men's swimwear regularly


If you swim intensively, three times a week or more, go for a swimsuit that will assist you in your quest for performance. The Jammer, which promotes muscle compression, muscle recovery and hydrodynamics, will be perfectly suited. The material used is polyester, which provides maximum comfort but more importantly is chlorine resistant and does not deteriorate after repeated use.


Men's swimwear intensively


Finally, if you swim competitively, check out our racing Jammer approved by FINA (International Swimming Federation). It is designed with a material with a high percentage of ultrathin, lightweight and tear-resistant elastane. The aim is to boost the performance of competition swimmers by ensuring better hydrodynamics, better buoyancy and reduced fatigue during exercise.


Men's swimwear championships FINA


All that's left is for you to choose your favourite colours and patterns! Don't forget to complete your outfit with swimming goggles and a swim cap. Or even hand paddles, a pull buoy and a kickboard to help you strengthen your muscles!


Men's swimwear

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