How to warm up properly before doing water-polo


Yannick, former French Water-Polo international and product engineer at Nabaiji, gives us a few tips on how to warm up before doing water-polo.


First "dry"

« It is important to warm up your muscles properly before any type of physical or sports activity »


We can start with a short warm up (5 min) to raise the body temperature and start moving joints before getting into the water.


Before a water-polo session you can alternate the following exercises:

  • Roll your wrists and forearms
  • Rotate arms in one direction and then in another alternatively
  • Rotate hips
  • Short jumps on the spot with legs either straight or bent
  • Slow and quick flexing

Next, with a lightweight ball pass in twos. For those wanting to harden the exercise or additional strengthen, we can use a medicine ball.




Then in the water

In the water, the warm up will broken down into two phases: a general warm up and specific water-polo warm up.

A general warm up: 5 min
Alternate length with different strokes that we master. For butterfly, we replace the undulations by breast stroke kicks.


Specific leg warm up: 5 min
In water-polo the legs are put under a lot strain. To tread water, it is essential to "backpedal". Backpedaling is a technique used by water-polo players but also by synchronised swimmers to tread water. In the seated position, called "the chair", the lower part of the legs (from the knee to the toes) perform a circular movement outwards. The foot must be out stretched (toes pointing upwards) to be able to hold position in the water.
We alternate gentle lengths with lengths with jumps or lateral pushes (to the left, right, forwards) and jumps upwards.


Specific ball warm up: 5 min
In small groups of 2 to 4: we place ourselves in a circle and we pass the ball to each other whilst turning clockwise, then anti-clockwise.

Shooting practice (shots on goal) : 5 min

A goalie is positioned between the posts, then we go in twos with one shooter and one passer :the shooter sets out with a ball 5 to 6 meters from the goal,

  • he passes it to the passer,
  • he advances 2 metres,
  • the passer throws him back the ball,
  • and he shoots.

« During this exercise, you have to think of mixing up the shots to warm up and prepare the goalie! »

« And you're now ready to start a short match amongst friends! And don't forget to stretch after your session! »

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