Feel like having some fun together but tired of always doing the same activities?


Nabaiji has designed an innovative product to make a change from the old routine: the Kulbuto.


Designed for playing team games as a family, the Kulbuto is a water target whose base must be filled with water and the goal filled with air so it can float and move around to your liking. It can be used as a basketball net or as a traditional target goal. You will be all set to play water-basketball!


It comes with a nice fun added bonus: the target tips over once the ball has gone through the hoop! However, be careful not to use a ball that is too heavy.


You can play on your own but it is even more fun to play in a team! Finally, a product that will not be relegated to the back of the garage at the end of the summer…


A few words from Yannick, aquatic team games product manager:

"Give this game a try and you'll be won over! The swaying effect is impressive, meaning there is a real interaction between the game and the player. The harder you shoot, the more the Kulbuto will tip until, maybe, it will even tip over completely! Then it will automatically return to its vertical position (be careful not use a ball that is too heavy!)."

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