Nageuses d'eau libre et bouée de sécurité


What could be better than being at one with nature in complete safety? To achieve this, a buoy will be your closest ally [...]


We are all aware of the many physical and psychological benefits of swimming in open water.

We are also all aware that getting away from everyday stress by taming the elements requires careful preparation.


Whether it takes place at sea, in a lake or river, and whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, a swimming session in open water must be framed by the watchwords "Prevention" and "Safety".

Unfortunately, in the world of open water, prevention and safety equipment is thin on the ground... One of the only pieces of equipment that has proved its worth time and time again is the safety buoy (or marker buoy).

The latter has unanimous support in the outdoor swimming community and is used very regularly, everywhere in the world, in all kinds of waters.


Here is what lies behind this famous safety buoy in open water. This versatile piece of kit will keep you safe, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your fresh- or salt-water session!



Open water swimming buoys do not tend to go unnoticed!

Often in a striking colour, this float will make you easily visible to everyone, whether you are near or far away from other people.


For example, our Nabaiji buoys and their flamboyant orange are very easily spotted by jetskis, pleasure boaters, surfers and other users with whom a meeting could potentially be... a headache!

This will also be the case for people on the shore and therefore for lifeguards, who, with their binoculars, will have no trouble seeing you if you encounter a problem.

For added peace of mind, Nabaiji has also fitted its buoys with whistles to mitigate any potential visibility issues (swell, darkness) so that you can be located quickly.


By making you easily seen and heard, the open water buoy will give you, in addition to reassurance, a safety guarantee.



Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, the practice conditions for open water swimming, although stimulating, can sometimes be gruelling.

The only problem is that in open water, the lanes and sides of the pool are not really close to hand... Sounds like another mission for Super-Buoy!

This piece of equipment can be used as a flotation base and will allow you to rest should fatigue, cramp, pain or other pitfalls pop up. It can also be used as a lifebuoy for others, if necessary.


And do you know the best thing about all this? Thanks to its high buoyancy and hydrodynamics, the buoy will not interfere in any way with your swimming and your freedom of movement!

Nageuse en eau libre avec bouée sécurité



In open water, we tend to swim for a long time, if not for a loooooong time.

And during prolonged exercise, when fatigue sets in and tummies start to rumble, who could say no to a little snack? (not me, that's for sure!)


Good news! Nabaiji's OWS 100 buoy can carry certain types of food and drink (in malleable packaging) in its outer net.

The larger OWS 500 buoy can carry much larger objects (shoes, clothes, etc.) and keep them dry, along with any personal belongings that you would not leave unattended on the shore (phone, car keys, wallet, etc.).


So worry no more about the loss or theft of your belongings during your swims, since they will be out enjoying the trip with you!


As an extreme swimmer, you are now ready to brave the elements and swim without limits and with peace of mind!



Giuliana from Nabaiji and Igor, two big names in open water, suggest training exercises to help you prepare to face the elements.