Play water polo in your pool at home, yes but how?


You don't have to know water polo rules by heart to play with family or amongst friends…


But between your pool garden and an Olympic sized pool, there's quite a difference! We explain how to safely play water polo at home.


A quick reminder of the rules

As opposed to traditional water polo, playing at home is a lot less physically demanding and a lot more fun. We can play with family, amongst friends, adults and children included. There are however some rules that must be respected if you don't want the game to turn into a wrestling match!


There are 4 important rules to follow to start the game:

  • Make up teams according to the age and size of players
  • Delimit the playing area: divide the playing area in two and determine a zone in front of the goals inside which opposing team players cannot enter without the ball.
  • Set up the goals for target shooting: Nabaiji's Polo’Up is an essential piece of equipment!
  • Determine the rules of the game: for those who want to follow them to the letter, they are available here. For the rest, you can determine your own rules!


Nabaiji Polo’Up, briefs Turbo


And don't forget to keep drinking!


The rules of the game

  • Each team has a maximum of 30 seconds to shoot at goal, after which the ball has to be given the opposing team.
  • The ball must be held with only one hand, otherwise it's a foul!
  • Passing the ball underwater is disallowed
  • You cannot use the edge of the pool to shoot
  • You cannot sink the ball carrier
  • And it is especially forbidden to splash your opponent!


How to play in your pool?

As opposed to how traditional water polo is played, where teams are made up of 6 players plus 1 goalkeeper, you can if you want play in two's, four's or five's. The size of the pool is no real importance. It is only important that players don't constantly bump into each other and that they can throw the ball in the pool and not outside.


Depth is a little bit more problematic because in a real game of water polo, players cannot touch the bottom of the pool. That's a little bit more complicated when it comes to a private pool!
If the pool has a flat bottom, then players will touch the bottom!
If the pool has a gentle or mixed slope at the bottom, then all you need to do is to get the teams to regularly switch ends to give everybody an equal chance.


All these tips should give you a reason to give it a go!

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