Underwater hockey


Underwater hockey is an aquatic team game that is played at the bottom of a pool whilst wearing a snorkel.



Underwater hockey is a relatively young sport as it only appeared in the mid-1950s.
It took around fifteen years for all of the federations around the world to support this fast game and it took until the mid-1980s for the rules to be standardised.
Underwater hockey has been steadily growing ever since, uniting within the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) where it was officially recognised in 1978.




In a pool, the game pits two teams against each other over two 15-minute halves. The aim of the game is to play whilst snorkelling by pushing or passing a puck with a special stick to get it into the opposing goal.


The goals are placed in the bottom of the pool at each end.


There are six players per team in the water at any time. There can be up to four substitutes at the side of the pool.

The team is, in general, composed of three defensive players (right back, centre back and left back) and three offensive players (right forward, centre forward and left forward).

In the event of a major foul, a player may be penalised by being ejected from the game, thereby reducing the number of players on the team.  The ejection time, depending on the seriousness of the foul, may be 2 minutes, 5 minutes or the rest of the game.

To differentiate themselves in the water, each team wears either white or black. The players' sticks and caps will be in this colour.




Players wear a mask, snorkel and fins. They use a water polo helmet  that protects the ears, a glove and a special stick.

Recently, it has become mandatory to wear a mouthguard attached to the flexible snorkel during official competitions in France.

The puck is approximately 8 cm in diameter and 3 cm thick, and weighs 1.3 kg (± 0.2 kg).

The stainless or galvanised steel angled goals are three metres wide. The volume of the goal is defined by a basin of 300 cm × 12 cm and a height of 18 cm on the rear wall of the goal.

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