What are the benefits of legsuits ?


For those of you who are modest or wish to cover up your figure, the legsuit cut is just what you need. In fact this type of swimsuit is a favourite with women who want to minimise their curves, particularly at the buttocks. It is a swimsuit that provides coverage and also lets modest women conceal their curves.


Nathalie, women's swimsuit product manager and former competitive swimmer answers any questions that you may have about legsuits:


Which swimsuits in the Nabaiji collection have a legsuit shape?

Many Nabaiji swimsuits have a legsuit shape. Whether they be for so-called "leisure" swimming or for aquafitness.
The Karo, Loran and Kaipearl have been designed for recreational swimming, for women who go swimming from time to time and who want a swimsuit that provides coverage at an affordable price.


What activity has this cut been designed for?

This shape is just as well suited to aqua sports as it is to recreational swimming.


Which body shape(s) is it recommended for?

The legsuit cut covers and hugs the buttocks. It is a reassuring swimsuit shape! For women with hang-ups about their bodies, this cut can sufficiently hide the buttocks.

The Loran legsuit also has a neckline that highlights the bust and a scoop, U-shaped back that is easy to put on.

The Kaipearl legsuit has been designed with a V-neck to emphasise and fit against the bust. It also has a scoop, U-shaped back.

Finally, the Karo legsuit is a swimsuit that suits all body types. It has an open, O-shaped back for good freedom of movement and an insert under the bust to give you a more slender figure. 


What are the advantages? 

As as we have already seen, the legsuit cut has many advantages. It is a shape that provides coverage and allows women who want to hide their behinds to feel at ease but it is also a swimsuit that, in contrast, is flattering for fuller buttocks. The various Nabaiji models that exist today allow women to find the one that suits them the best, both in terms of colour and shape.

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