When swimming breaststroke, the leg technique is of particular interest. The challenge is to propel yourself forwards by pushing very hard against the water while avoiding slowing yourself down as you ready your legs.


Swimmers who spread their knees too wide when returning their legs will slow themselves down considerably. As a consequence, the speed produced in the propulsion phase is reduced.

This easy little exercise consists of working on this aspect of breaststroke technique:

- Lie on your back while holding your kickboard in outstretched arms on the surface

- The kickboard should cover your knees

- Ready your legs as usual whilst keeping your knees under the kickboard

- Be aware of the feeling of being in contact with the board to be sure it is still in position

- Then push the water with your feet and legs to propel yourself forwards

- Then roll over onto your stomach to replicate this technique applied to the full stroke

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Breaststroke leg kick


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