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Occasional, regular or intensive swimmer, discover all our advice to help you during your trainings, whatever your level is. Either you like swimming, doing aqua fitness, playing water polo or other team games, Nabaiji helps you to choose the right product and to use it in order to progress and to motivate you.

Advice - Swimming

You want to go back to trainings, to get in shape, to improve, or to prepare a competition? Nabaiji and its team give your their advice and tips whatever your objective and level are!

Advice - Aqua fitness

Find here all our advice to prepare your aqua fitness session and to choose the good accessories: foot wear, cap, swimsuit, etc...
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Advice - Aqua learning

Find here all our advice to safely accompany your child in the water, or to manage your first steps in an aquatic environment.
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Advice - Team games

Discover all team Nabaiji advice to better know the different team games practiced in the water, like water polo, aqua volley or aqua basket.

Nabaiji accompanies you in all your aquatic sports: swimming, aqua fitness and team games. You will also find our advice to safely follow your children in the water. Besides, whatever your level is, you will find answers to your questions concerning the choice and the use of your products, as well as exercices to improve.

Our advice selected

Inspirez, expirez, respirez !

A detailed explanation of breathing techniques for the four strokes, for more comfortable swimming!

Crawl : entraînement à la respiration

Want to perfect your front crawl breathing technique? Here are four adaptable exercises to include in your session!


The butterfly stroke is an impressive swimming technique, both visually as well as physically. The main difficulty of learning the technique comes from its "athletic" aspect. Indeed, the butterfly stroke requires muscle strength, synchronisation of movements and flexibility.


You have young children and want to begin enjoying sport with your baby. However, your child is to young to join group lessons. Why not start gently by going to baby swimmer lessons?