Waterproof SwimMusic 100 V2 MP3 Player and Headphones Pink

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Key feature
Use the SwimMusic 100 waterproof MP3 player, its headphones and support accessories, during your pool sessions to relax and get away from it all!
Users reviews
3.98 / 5 42 ratings


Products benefits

Easy reading
Classic or random playback to mix things up. 2GB (approx. 330 MP3 files).
Anatomic design
2 shapes and 3 sizes of earbuds and hooks
Audio efficiency
You can boost the volume if you wish.
Music player waterproof to 2 metres


Earphones : 100.0% Silicon Carcass : 100.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Cable : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Inner fabric : 100.0% Printed Circuit Board Bat : 100.0% Battery - Li Po
2 years
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Not suitable for use for diving, stalking, tumbling


This player supports MP3 and WMA music files. This player is PC and MAC compatible and connects via a specific type of USB cable supplied with the device
The player automatically switches off after 3 minutes of inactivity. It has a battery life of 10 hours and can be recharged through the USB port of your computer.
Before the first session, take the time to try on the different earbuds (shapes and sizes) and ear hooks to ensure a perfect fit during use. Make sure they are fully inserted in the ear by slightly turning them until there is a perfect seal. The hook fits over the fold of your ear. The cap is worn over the hook to keep it firmly in place. If water gets into the headphones (muffled sound), give them a shake and blow into them.
The set contains: -a waterproof MP3 player - Nabaiji waterproof headphones with 3.5 mm jack (compatible with SWIMMUSIC 100, DELIGHT and most music players on the market). - 3 sizes of "conical" shaped earbuds - 3 sizes of "round" earbuds - 3 sizes of Nabaiji exclusive earplug accessories. The sizes of the earbuds can be identified by the colour inside the earbud. Each colour corresponds to a size.
This product is designed for swimming in fresh water or chlorinated water. When used in salt water, due to the corrosive nature of salt, be sure to rinse your product with clean water after each use. Be sure to recharge at least once every three months. It is not suitable for advanced use for diving, stalking or tumbling.

Users reviews

3.98 / 5 42 ratings
34 users recommended this product

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  • Man
    40-49 years old
    21 January 2019
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Can't turn it on!

    Super disappointing! After waste time to upload music on it, the device can't even turn on....
    25 euro + time thrown away!!!

  • Woman
    19 December 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Does Not Work

    Really disappointed my partner brought these headphones we charged them loaded the music. Then we couldn't get them to turn on no matter how long we held down the button not sure if faulty or if we are doing something wrong any advice welcomed???? we are holding down the middle button

    Brand response :

    Dear Sabrina,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had issues with this MP3 player. Probably it is one off issue with this particular item. The quickest way to solve it will be to get the replacement. Please visit your local store to get new one or use the online procedure for exchange.
    We will contact our swimming brand to highlight above issue and to see how it could be solved in the future.
    Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.
    Kind regards,


  • Man
    40-49 years old
    22 January 2019
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Calisad, precio. Perfecto!

    En calidad precio, en general, Decathlon no tiene rival.