your pool becomes sporty

Find out how to turn your garden swimming pool into a genuine sports centre for all the family! Enjoy the pleasures of water and the multitude of sporting possibilities that your pool offers.

Using your pool for sport

Your pool is a place where you can bathe, relax or chill out on a hot summer's day. But it can also be used in many other ways...So, how about turning your pool into a sports centre? We are going to take a look at all the activities you can enjoy in your garden pool to stay fit, do aquafitness exercises, learn how to swim, perfect your technique or simply have fun with the family!

Using your pool for sport

Perfecting your swimming technique

Your pool probably isn't big enough to swim proper lengths. But that shouldn't stop you swimming in your pool! With an elastic static swimming band, you can swim on the spot, no matter how small your pool is. Attach the band to your waist or feet, depending on the type of exercise and the sensations you are looking for.

Static swimming offers many benefits and, despite what you may think, the efforts required are just as intense as in traditional swimming.

Static swimming enables you to concentrate more closely on your movements and, therefore, on your swimming technique. You no longer have to concentrate on counting the number of lengths or making a good turn. If we are quite honest, we all lose count of the number of lengths we have swum in training sessions! Now, you can concentrate fully on your body, your sensations and your movements.

You will have the opportunity to perfect all four strokes in well targeted exercises. For example, I recommend that you use a swimming snorkel to concentrate on your gestures and to work on the alignment of your body. In this way, you no longer need to worry about your movements in order to breathe and you can concentrate fully on your swimming technique. I also suggest that you use swimming paddles and fins to build up your strength and your strokes in the water. Elastic static swimming bands offer unlimited possibilities for exercising. They will quickly become an essential new accessory in your garden swimming pool. Because, yes, sport and exercise in your garden can be both fun and effective!

Using your pool for sport

The additional bonus. Elastic static swimming bands can be used by every member of the family, no matter how well they can swim! Both beginners and advanced swimmers will find the right exercise for them with an elastic swimming band. Even children can enjoy the fun of static swimming, but they must never be left unattended.

Our tip to avoid monotonous exercising. Swim to music! With the waterproof MP3 player, you can enjoy listening to your favourite music when exercising in your pool. Swimming to your current favourites will help to boost your motivation!


There are many fun and varied aquafitness exercises, in which you can move your body, while enjoying the pleasures of being in your pool. Strengthening your muscles, toning up your body, targeting certain precise muscles or cardio work-outs are just a few of the undeniable benefits! So, why not invite the whole family to join a quick session in the pool to the rhythm of your favourite music?

For those of you who are still sceptical, remember that exercising in water burns up more calories and consumes more energy than exercising in air. The resistance of water is 12 to 15 times greater than that of air.So, prepare your playlist and dive in!

You can work out without any equipment or choose to use aquafitness accessories that will increase the resistance of the water and make your sessions more varied. The inevitable swimming noodle is ideal for exercising your abs and arms or for cardio work-outs involving targeted exercises. If you want to try out something new, let me recommended the PullPush aqua dumbbells that increase the resistance of the water and, therefore, the intensity of the efforts made by the muscles in your upper body.

Using your pool for sport

Are you looking for a dynamic physical activity to tone up and exercise? Why not try aquarunning or aquajogging? Let me explain the differences between the two, and how these aquatic activities will do you lots of good.

In aquarunning, you run on an aquatic treadmill. There is no motor in this treadmill, so it follows the pace of your movements, whether you are running or walking. This means that you can vary the exercises and their intensity, to work in depth on your legs and abs, but also on your cardio fitness. This form of exercise is also very good for your skin, because the movements of your skin in contact with the water have a toning hydro-massage effect.

Using your pool for sport

Aquajogging, on the other hand, consists of running in water up to your neck and without a treadmill. The goal is that you do not touch the bottom, so the pool must be sufficiently deep. When aquajogging, you imitate a running movement, whether static or in motion. You can also use buoyancy aids, like a buoyancy belt or PullStep aquatic dumbbells on your feet that increase the resistance. Aquajogging simultaneously exercises all the muscles in your body. It helps to tone up your legs and buttocks, but also your abs and your upper body. It is also a good cardio exercise that will improve your endurance and breathing control.

Aquarunning and aquajogging are two forms of impact-free exercise that protect your joints, while combining the pleasure of being in water and the benefits of running! Very tempting, for the whole family or with friends.

Those of you who prefer cycling can also enjoy the pleasures of being in water thanks to aquabiking.

Pedalling in water helps to protect your muscles and joints when exercising. This form of exercise mainly targets the lower body, by toning up your thighs and your hamstrings, while adding shape to your buttock muscles. Aquabiking is also an excellent way to improve your endurance and to tone up your skin. The lymphatic draining effect of your movements when in contact with the water will reduce cellulite or orange peel skin.

So, slip on your cycling jersey, get on your bike and enjoy the benefits of cycling in water!

Using your pool for sport
Using your pool for sport

Without doubt, of the activities I am presenting today, water trampolining is the most fun! These round trampolines are very similar to traditional trampolines in every way, except that you install them on the bottom of your pool, instead of at the bottom of your garden. They can be used purely for recreation, but also for training or re-education sessions. An original and fun way to improve your coordination and balance!

Helping your baby to discover the world of water

Young parents can feel that their baby loves being in water, and want to introduce their infant to the joys of swimming pools. Let's look at how you can help your baby to discover the world of water together.

When the fine summer days arrive, it's time to make the most of our garden swimming pools. Your baby will be thrilled to discover the joys of water by your side, in a safe and fun-filled environment.

When your infant discovers the aquatic environment for the first time, it is essential to make this new environment as welcoming and reassuring as possible. All of your baby's senses are waking up, and it is important that baby shares these new sensations with you. Accompanying your infant in their discovery of the world of water will also create many happy memories for the entire family! Always be close at hand to reassure, while also allowing baby to become familiar with this new environment and to discover some new experiences. Your smile and goodwill will be of great help, as baby gradually discovers the world of water.

When it comes to equipment, I recommend the use of a baby seat swim ring during the first stages of your child's voyage of discovery. The seat swim ring will allow your baby to discover the first sensations of being in the pool in comfort and with the help of Mum and Dad. For infants who already feel more confident, I recommend the use of armbands. Armbands offer greater freedom of movement and optimal buoyancy too.

Using your pool for sport

Now that your child is familiar with the aquatic environment, it's time to discover swimming and going underwater! In this phase, play is your best ploy. Use your own and your infant's imagination and try to be creative in order to arouse their curiosity. The use of equipment, like boards, swim belts or even a small slide, is ideal to help your infant to enjoy new experiences in complete safety. The goal of this phase of discovery is to teach your child how to behave in the pool, both on the surface and underwater. It's a whole new playground, where there are so many things to discover!

Using your pool for sport

Once your infant has acquired the right behaviour and is autonomous in the aquatic environment, you can start playing games, like treasure hunts with rings or pool arches. These accessories are ideal for creating circuits in the water that are both recreational and educative. I can guarantee that even the adults will have a lot of fun swimming through the arches placed on the bottom of the pool.

have fun with these team games

There's nothing better than water games for having fun and exercising at home together!

Have you ever tried water polo? Form your two teams, designate the goalkeepers and dive into the water. This technical and recreational sport is a great way of getting some exercise, while also enjoying the pleasures of being in water. All you need is a ball and two inflatable goals. If you want to play by the rules, remember that a match lasts four 8-minute periods, and that the team that scores the most points wins the game. A great way to involve the whole family in a fun sport for children and grown-ups alike!

Using your pool for sport

If you enjoy ball sports, then I also recommend water basketball or water volleyball. To play water basketball, you will need an inflatable ball and a giant basket. Test your shooting and try to score as many points as possible, in teams or one-on-one. To play water volleyball, you will need an inflatable ball and a volleyball net for pools. Believe me, this water sport is not as easy as it looks! Every time the ball touches the water, the opposing team scores a point. So, ready, steady, go!

Using your pool for sport

Do you want to improve your shooting technique or simply have fun playing a game of precision? Then the Kulbuto pool target is ideal for you! This inflatable target equipped with a net tips over every time you hit it with the ball. You can organise a quick tournament for the whole family, in which the best shooter wins a prize! I can guarantee that players are much more motivated when there is a prize at stake.

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Getting fit, exercising, strengthening your muscles, re-education, recreation, wellness… Your pool is ideal for an infinite range of sporting activities, with friends or the family. So, take the plunge!