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Learn the eggbeater in artistic swimming with virginie dedieu

Mastering the eggbeater is essential in synchronised swimming. Champion Virginie Dedieu explains how to master this leg movement.

To keep your upper body out of the water, whether static or in motion, in synchronised swimming, one technique is essential: the eggbeater.
 And it's not always easy! Underwater: your legs are very busy. On the surface: nothing must move. 
Virginie Dedieu shares some tips on how to achieve perfect stability.

Lalie Chassaigne eggbeater

The eggbeater in artistic swimming

Above the surface, the upper body is straight and vertical. Underwater, the knees are raised quite high and bent. A posture that reminds us of a frog: D

The feet make an inward, circular movement. The left foot moves clockwise and the other foot moves in the opposite direction.

The main difficulty is that the part of your body above the surface must remain stable. 
The audience must never see the hard underwater work that the swimmers are doing.

Virginie Dedieu eggbeater

Why is it so important to master the eggbeater?

Virginie Dedieu: "This movement of the legs allows the swimmers to make all the choreographic movements of the arms."

Virginie Dedieu eggbeater

How to use the eggbeater to remain static.

V.D. : "The position of the body is crucial in order to gain height. As far as possible, you must work facing forwards, with your tummy pulled in and taut abdominal muscles. Raise your knees as close as possible to the surface of the water to generate more water pressure and achieve greater stability. This is what enables you to raise your upper body."

How to eggbeat in synchronised swimming

And what about moving around the pool?

V.D. : "The more you move, the harder it becomes, because there is a risk of falling. 
Therefore, for this technique, it is important to align your hips with your shoulders. Position your hips on the side of the movement and fold up your legs. For example, for a movement to the left, place your hips to the left. And do the same thing for a movement to the right. 

Another important point. Open your legs wider, as if you wanted to scoop the water towards you. This will really help to generate more pressure and to feel more comfortable. »

Virginie Dedieu team

Any tips for competitions?

V.D. : "In duets, and especially in team ballets, pay close attention to your partners! Remember to keep your legs out of the way, because it is easy to kick someone and injure your toes. 

Technical support is important, but don't overdo it. You must pay attention to the others as you rise upwards. "

Now it's time for you to try out these tips to perfect your command of the eggbeater. 
And what is your essential technique to master this indispensable movement in artistic swimming?

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