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Enfant sautant dans l'eau - vaincre la peur l'eau

Water can be a source of genuine fear for children. Here are a few tips from Nabaiji to help your little one feel at home in the water.

Enfant qui nage avec une planche

Does your child approach water with delight and enthusiasm? Maybe it's time they learnt how to swim!

Deux enfants qui jouent au volley ball

Nabaiji gives you several games ideas to drown boredom using a bit of water and a generous dose of imagination!

Crawl : entraînement à la respiration

Want to perfect your front crawl breathing technique? Here are four adaptable exercises to include in your session!

Inspirez, expirez, respirez !

A detailed explanation of breathing techniques for the four strokes, for more comfortable swimming!


It's not easy to choose fins when you are a beginner. Should you choose short or long fins? It's always the same dilemma…
We are going to explain how to best choose fins for greater effectiveness and less difficulty during your swimming session.



Nabaiji, the swimming brand

Born in 2008, Nabaiji is the international Decathlon group swimming brand.
It's also a team of passionate swimmers who works everyday in order to insure your security and your pleasure. Within its international conception center situated in Hendaye, in the Basque country, innovative products and new ideas are found everyday. The goal is to help you to reach not only your sports objectives but also increase your performance. Either you're occasional, regular or intensive swimmer, an adult or a kid, fond of aqua fitness or waterpolo, Nabaiji has thought about each of you to increase your pleasure to swim.
So take your mark and dive!