NABAIJI'S values

Simple. Passion. Responsible.
Every day here at NABAIJI, these three words guide our work and direct our choices.



Our aim? To improve your swims by making them smoother, more intuitive and more enjoyable, through innovative products developed specifically with your needs in mind.To make swimming simpler, from the very first dip into the water and learning to swim to perfecting your skills and enhancing performances…Here's what drives our work on a daily basis. We work to make your swimming dreams a reality, so there's nothing in the way of your aims.

We work hard each day, as closely with you as possible. We observe your habits, both at the poolside and in the playing field.We analyse, we ask questions, and we test. We prioritise identifying and understanding your needs. We want to meet the needs and expectations of all swimming communities.



Fun. Colourful. Dynamic. Playful. That's how we see our sport.

What drives us each and every day? The aim of reinventing your swims! Innovative products, original designs, and new colours: We've thought of everything to get you excited to get in the water. Adding some pizzazz to the world of swimming by making your swims more fun and adding colour to your products. The energy that we put into the design process is inspired by the energy you put in when you're in the water.

What does having passion mean to us? It means being a vibrant, dynamic, bold and innovative brand. We're working hard every day to contribute this energy to the very essence of our design process, so you can enjoy a new swimming experience.



The Earth is our playing field. Be it through oceans, lakes, or rivers, swimming is a way of communing with nature. Here at NABAIJI, we're taking all our skills and putting them towards creating a production line that is as responsible as possible. It all starts with choices made for materials, manufacture, transport modes, etc.We're involved at every stage of our products' life cycles. Eco-design and a circular economy are at the forefront of our priorities, reflections and actions.

Protecting our playing fields is a major challenge, as we work to make swimming as sustainable as possible for everyone. Our aim? To offer you products that combine sustainability with high-quality, so that you can enjoy a purely positive and responsible swimming experience.

For you



For us, swimming rhymes with pleasure, health and safety.



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