Swim to combat stress and anxiety

Swim to combat stress and anxiety

The most difficult thing to do after the Christmas holidays is to get out of your sofa and forget your delicious treats to go back to the daily grind, right?

Don't worry! A tried and tested anti-stress activity, swimming makes it easy to combine fun and an active life.

Swim to combat stress and anxiety

Swimming is considered the ultimate physical (non-traumatic) and psychological stress-busting sport. Psychologically, according to a serious study, 92% of swimmers surveyed said that swimming is a cure for stress.

And the reason why is very clear. First, because of its repetitive nature, it produces a feeling of “letting go”, by which you can press the “PAUSE” button and forget your daily hassles for a while. Moreover, during the effort, and even more so when immersed in an aquatic environment, the body secretes endorphins (pleasure hormones) that produce a general feeling of well-being and calm.

This feeling of well-being is mostly created by the soothing properties of water. The sensation of lightness, weightlessness, massage and awareness of the body triggered by water allows you to eliminate physical tensions, contractions and pain, while experiencing physical and psychological relaxation.

Also, when you swim in the evening, the effort will bring about a healthy fatigue. This will help you to sleep better and benefit from a good restful sleep, to be fully refreshed for a day of work ahead.

And for even more fun and relaxation, you can now get waterproof MP3 players so you can listen to your favourite tunes while working out. Whether you are into Rock'n'Roll, Classical, Rap or even R'n'B, the combination of the stress-busting benefits of music with the relaxing benefits of being in the water are sure to help you let go and escape from everyday worries.

And because it is good for the morale, swimming must be practised without moderation!

Swim to combat stress and anxiety


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