Virginie Dedieu synchronised swimming swimsuits

Synchronised swimming swimsuits: how are they different?

In competitive swimming and artistic swimming, it's the swimsuit that differentiates one swimmer from another, except during competitions!

 If you are already a swimmer, then you will know that it can sometime be hard to find a swimsuit that is well suited to synchronised swimming. A swimsuit that provides good freedom of movement 
and is comfortable, but that is attractive and provides firm support at the same time. It's much less complicated for men! The shape is almost the same as a conventional swimsuit. Today, we are going to talk about swimsuits that are designed especially for synchronised swimming.

Virginie Dedieu artistic swimming swimsuit

The qualities of an
artistic swimming swimsuit

Ideally, for synchronised swimming, you need a swimsuit with a high cut around the hips that offers good freedom of movement. What's more, this shape makes your legs look longer and your figures look higher! As far as the neck cut is concerned, it's 
really a matter of preference. A V-shaped collar that is not too low will enhance the swimmer's bust, without hindering their movements. This same V shape is also found at the base of the back. Let's talk about the back. The back is open and bare, providing maximum freedom of movement, but with straps that are both attractive and provide a firm hold for the swimmer's bust. The base of the straps is wide for greater comfort. They are narrower at the top, creating an original back that does not harm the shoulders!

Lalie Chassaigne synchronised swimming swimsuit

The material: a crucial subject
in synchronised swimming

The material of the swimsuit must be chlorine-resistant in order to withstand endless hours of practising. The swimsuit should also be as thin as possible, like a second skin. This allows the material to dry quickly. Who hasn't spent many a long minute shivering during the technical routines? This will also prevent the water from entering the swimsuit, which can be bothersome in certain figures. 
A thin fabric makes the swimsuit lighter, which is a significant advantage during the figures. Now, let's talk about nose clips. Who hasn't already lost their nose clip during training or a competition? It is a good idea to swim with one or two spare nose clips. But you have to somehow attach them to your swimsuit. On the straps? Not very pretty. On the hips? Good idea, but they have to stay in place, which is not easy during dives, lifts and figures. The ideal solution is to sew an elastic band to the interior of your swimsuit on the hips in order to keep your nose clip inside your swimsuit and to find it quickly and easily, if needs be! 

Lalie Chassaigne

Competition swimsuits: what are the rules? 

Did you know? The cut of the swimsuits is limited in artistic swimming competitions. The swimsuits must be decent. Some teams add a strip of flesh-coloured fabric to the thigh line of their competition swimsuits to produce the impression of a higher cut, while still obeying the rules! 
Regulations apply to the swimsuit you wear during technical routines. A black swimsuit and a white cap, with no frills attached. Glitter is for the competitions only. Logos are tolerated on swimsuits, but they should preferably be very small or avoided altogether! Special synchronised swimming swimsuits also exist in black and coloured versions for all occasions: practice, technical routines, galas and competitions. You can then customise them with frills and glitter to suit your own tastes! 

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Camille Adam

Camille adam

I started synchro at the age of 9. It was my mum who signed me up: I liked to do shows, I was super comfortable in the water, and fascinated by everything that glittered ... and it quickly became obvious that synchro swimming and me would last a long time! I love the type of efforts that this discipline demands. 
Stretching, holding your breath, moving around in every direction and every dimension, smiling, plus the teamwork. it's amazing how strong a team is! Helping each other, support, perseverance,
perfectionism, stress management. synchro has been my best school of life skills, whether as a swimmer or as a coach.