The 6 benefits of swimrun

A complete muscular sport, surrounded by the great outdoors, a way of surpassing oneself, a social connection, and more. Discover the many benefits of swimrun!

Swimrun is a popular sport combining trail running and swimming. It is a sport that takes place in the open air and in teams of two. Sharing, cooperation, solidarity, and going beyond one's limits are the original values of this discipline. So, are you interested?

For those looking to start an endurance sport, to challenge themselves, or simply to try a new sport: discover the many benefits of this 100% natural sport, the swimrun.


Swimrun: what exactly is it?

A sport straight out of Sweden, swimrun originated from a bet between Swedish friends who set themselves the goal of crossing a group of islands as quickly as possible armed with only one piece of equipment: themselves. Thus, it was by alternating swimming and trail running that this sport was born.

The first official swimrun race took place in 2006. The particularity of this discipline lies in the autonomy of the athletes and the necessary adaptation to the territory. Throughout the race, taking place in the open countryside, participants alternate between swimming and running using the same equipment! Second particularity, and not the least: this race takes place in pairs. The two participants are attached to each other by a lanyard.

Swimrun: the benefits, double up!

Swimrun combines the best of swimming and running: a two-in-one sport with double the benefits! Swimrun is a great way to work out your cardio system and is very challenging physically.

Swimming and running are considered to be two highly complementary sports. With swimrun, you get both at once! The complementary nature of swimming and running is evident in all aspects. Swimming mainly works the upper body such as the triceps, back, shoulders, pectorals, and abdominal muscles, while running mainly works the lower body. Swimming is considered to be a very beneficial sport and a factor in the progression of running enthusiasts. It muscles the upper body and tones the torso. This enables you to be well supported and maintain good posture when running. Swimming is a sport that does not traumatise the joints, unlike running, and it also enables you to recover from your run. This is very useful for your swimrun training, as you will alternate between swimming and running during your weeks of training.

Swimrun is an endurance sport. Given the overall physical effort it requires, it enables you to build and shape your muscles. All muscle groups are called upon! The benefits? Greater stamina, improved cardiorespiratory capacity and cardiovascular endurance, and fewer toxins in the body. As you can see, swimrun is a very complete sport.

Two sports in one: let's escape the boredom!

Two sports in one means half the reasons to feel bored. With swimrun, you can diversify your training. This enables you to avoid routine. When you train for only one sport, there may come a time when you become bored and feel that you are not making any progress. With swimrun: this is unlikely to happen!

Another way to avoid burnout is to vary your training locations. Swimming can be done in the pool but also in open water, i.e. in lakes, the sea, or in the ocean. It is therefore necessary to invest in a neoprene suit. Running offers an even wider playing field! You can run almost anywhere, whether it's on the paths around your home, in the mountains, on the beach, with a difference in altitude, and so forth.


Swimrun: immerse yourself in nature

For sportspeople who love nature: swimrun is perfect for you. It all takes place exclusively outdoors. You are fully immersed in nature from the beginning to the end of the race. This also requires a great deal of adaptation to the territory on the part of the participants. You will be able to enjoy the fresh air and the weather conditions, especially when they are favourable. ;)

It provides an opportunity to discover or rediscover places that are either nearby or completely unknown to you. We combine sport and... Tourism! Races are often held in beautiful locations. This is a way for local authorities to promote their town or region hosting the race. It's a chance to explore the area from a different perspective.

During your training, you explore all the different terrains: lake, mountain, plains, and seaside. To each his own, however, it is often more motivating to run out in nature and discover new places than to run on an indoor treadmill. Exercising outdoors is also good for your health, both physically and mentally! In addition to oxygenating the body, getting outside to exercise enables you to take your mind off things and recharge your batteries.


A social connection, mutual support, and sharing

Swimrun is a race you don't run alone because you are literally attached to your partner. This is something that is rare enough to be highlighted, and it is also what makes it special. Endurance sports, such as the triathlon, are mostly raced alone. In pairs, we motivate each other. We stick together. It's also easier to stay motivated, whether it's to work out or to finish the race. When your batteries seem to be running low, it helps, both physically and mentally, to be able to turn to your partner for support.

If you are training with a friend, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond and improve communication in your relationship. If you choose to complete the race with someone you don't know, it's a great opportunity to discover a new person through a shared passion.

Swimrun is a mixed sport where you have the opportunity to meet many new people who are into the same thing as you. Like triathletes, swimrunners enjoy a real community that is growing and bonding as the sport increases in popularity. It's a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. The notion of sharing and supporting each other is essential. The race is the result of a joint effort! The strong connection with nature, inherent in each race, also results in participants who are humble and respectful of the environment as well as of one another.

Push yourself and take on new challenges!

There is no denying that the swimrun is a physically demanding event. You are not only doing one sport but two. This means you have to work even harder. For those who are accustomed to practising one sport at a time, it is also a whole new way of doing things, which will take some getting used to.

Swimrun is a true challenge! Regardless of your level of sport or your usual habits, this experience will take you out of your comfort zone. No matter how far you run or how fast you time it: you can feel good about yourself. Surpassing yourself, facing your fears, discovering new sensations, this is a sport where overcoming and self-fulfilment reign supreme. For those who enjoy a challenge, swimrun could be just the sport for you!


Swimrun: a sport that can be enjoyed everywhere, all the time

To train for a swimrun, you don't need to have a swimming pool open near your home or a gym nearby. Between geographical and time constraints, it is not always easy to work out if you depend on external factors. To practise swimrun, you only need a body of water and a place where you can run. This is unlike triathlon, which requires more investment because of the bike training, for example. It is therefore a rather accessible sport as there are many different places to train.

Between the moments of sharing and mutual support with other participants, the connection with nature, the surpassing of oneself, the complementarity of swimming and running, the benefits of swimrun are numerous, both physically and psychologically. And you, what aspect will inspire you to start the swimrun adventure?



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