The B-FAST swimming goggles

The B-FAST swimming goggles

Learn about the story behind the design of our B-FAST swimming goggles.

Co-developed with a top athlete to meet their needs as an elite swimmer, these FINA-approved DECATHLON | NABAIJI goggles are above all designed to meet the expectations of intensive swimmers.

The B-FAST swimming goggles

The findings

Every face is different. Ideally, each swimmer would need to adjust their nose bridge down to the millimetre. This means that the ideal setting is different for each of us. How can we achieve the ideal setting to avoid water ingress and guarantee maximum comfort?

Our aim in designing these new swimming goggles is to: find the best morphological adaptability! Intended for advanced swimmers, these goggles were designed to offer an optimal adjustment to help them perform better.

The B-FAST swimming goggles

Thoughts about the product

Our basic idea was to be able to offer a down-to-the-millimetre adjustment, so that it could be perfectly adapted to every face shape. The idea is that each B-FAST would be unique, depending on how you set it up.

In order to be able to offer a millimetre-accurate type of adjustment, we started working on the variations in nose bridge spacing. We were initially inspired by Swedish goggles, which are still widely used by top-level swimmers. But we wanted to go further, by offering something more technical.

In early 2015, in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we organised a full day workshop in Lille with designers and engineers from DECATHLON | NABAIJI. We had brought with us a good number of NABAIJI goggles. The aim? Test our ideas to find THE ideal nose bridge design.

A number of proposals were tested: a cable that runs inside the nose bridge, a flexible and screwed nose bridge whose length can be varied, a nose bridge that is adjustable by a knob, an interchangeable nose bridge... Between the feasibility of the project and the constraints of hydrodynamics and small size, one concept stood out: the flexible and screw-in nose bridge, adjustable to the nearest micrometre using a tool.

The B-FAST swimming goggles

The design phase

The design phase often includes a DIY phase, which brings out the best in our creativity! After extensive testing, we arrived at our final version: the nose bridge which can be adjusted to the nearest micrometre with a small screwdriver.

Aesthetically pleasing, stable and hydrodynamic, the B-FAST goggles offer ideal adjustment precision!

Before you get your hands on it, it has been tested by many intensive and high level swimmers. At first they were surprised by this adjustment system, but they were quickly won over by the solution we provided.

Product benefits

✅ Precise adjustment
Optimal adjustment is in the palm of your hand (along with your screwdriver!) And don't worry, the screwdriver is included with the goggles. You can adjust your nose bridge to the nearest micrometer and adjust the double back strap.

✅ Hold
Thanks to their compact and hydrodynamic shape, the B-FAST goggles ensure an excellent hold throughout your session.

✅ Field of vision
The shape of the lenses gives you a wide field of vision when swimming.

Lets hear from the swimmers

Pauline - “These goggles are really great. The system of adjusting the nose bridge with a screwdriver or with the back part of the elastic band is very practical and you can really adjust the goggles precisely to your size. The chrome plating is perfect for swimming outdoors and not being bothered by the sun.

Stephane - “These goggles are perfect for me. 1 hour of swimming and I never once had to readjust them. No fogging and no excessive compression. BRILLIANT!”

Lucas - “A very well made product, the anti-fog is great and works very well. The goggles also fit very well without the need to tighten them too much or press them hard against the eyes. The adjustment for the nose is also a significant plus. I highly recommend them."

William - “Finally a model that works for me. As I have a wide face, I've always had trouble finding goggles that don't hurt at the nose bridge and that don't suck out my eyes. Problem solved with this fine adjustment screw. Anti-fogging is perfect. I recommend them.”


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