TISWIM adjustable armbands-waistband

TISWIM adjustable armbands-waistband

Find out the story behind the TISWIM design.

A 3-in-1 product that evolves right alongside your child to accompany them as they learn to swim, is that possible? Absolutely! The TISWIM is an adjustable armbands-waistband combo designed for children aged 2 to 6 years (15-30kg).

TISWIM adjustable armbands-waistband

The findings

Finding the right buoyancy for your child? Not always easy... Throughout the time they are learning to swim, there's no knowing how they'll react, how they'll take in the environment, how much buoyancy they'll need...if any.

These are the findings of many parents who wonder which product is best for their child. It's also the finding of Catherine, mother and TISWIM product manager.

Our goal? To design a product that would allow parents to safely handle their children's first experiences in the water, without excessive buoyancy when it is not necessary. In short, a product that adapts to the child and their needs! All the while reassuring the parents.

TISWIM adjustable armbands-waistband

Thoughts about the product

In the early stages of learning, the child's main need is for buoyancy around the arms and stomach. This allows them to get in and out of the water, to jump and to move without worrying about anything else. Then, as the child becomes more comfortable, parents often invest in a buoyancy belt, which allows them to discover the horizontal position in the water. That's right, we learned with a belt like that too!

So, since the child needs various levels of buoyancy for different phases of learning, why not group them together and design an all-in-one product? This is where our idea of creating adaptable armbands-waistband came from. And honestly, it's also very economical for parents to have 3 products in 1! No more need to buy a new one when your child progresses, the TISWIM evolves with them.

In the beginning, the first prototypes of our TISWIM were all foam. But before long, we swapped some of the foam to make something inflatable. In the first version of TISWIM, the two were combined: The armbands are inflatable and the waistbelt is made of foam. In the second version, the entire product is inflatable. The aim? To meet the need for compactness. For the TISWIM to be a true water buddy, it needs to be easy to transport!

To ensure the child wants to keep the product and not just get rid of it at the first opportunity, it was important to design a product that makes them want to keep it... So our designers gave it an original look and invited little animals to the party. A guaranteed success with little ones.

TISWIM adjustable armbands-waistband

The design phase

The TISWIM has undergone extensive testing before it reaches you!

For instance, there have been tests on the size of the product on children. These adaptable armbands-waistband are designed for children from 15 to 30 kg, therefore approximately 2 to 6 years of age, so the range is wide. So we tested our prototypes on a number of different body types to see how the product behaved and to make sure that the size was right. We also carried out a range of tests on the adjustment straps, the tightening of the buckle and the elastic, to ensure that they met our requirements in terms of safety and comfort. We also had to test the right balance between the hold of the waistband and the armbands on the forearms.

For all these tests, we invited kids (and their parents), put them in real conditions with our product, and watched how they interact with it. We observe, we note, we adjust, in order to offer you a product that ticks all the right boxes!

Product benefits

✅ Buoyancy aid
When using the TISWIM, children benefit from a high degree of buoyancy so they can move around in the water as they wish. The buoyancy of this product exceeds the EN 13138-1 standard.

✅ Adaptability
1 product, 3 modes of use!
First, use the TISWIM as a whole (cuffs and belt) by adjusting the inflation of the ventral chamber to the child's size so that it wraps around the chest.
Then move on to the armbands by themselves to learn about oblique movements.
Finally, use the waistbelt alone, positioned at the back, to experience the horizontal position for learning to swim!

Lets hear from the parents

Julie - “I bought this product for one of my children in 2018 and now it's my second child's turn. Very practical, nice colours, good quality, I recommend it".

Annie - “I recommend it at 15000%, I bought it for our two and a half year old son (14kg) who only had armbands this summer for my parents' swimming pool. He was uncomfortable and scared in the water. I put armbands-waistbelt set on him and he became like a fish in water! You have to follow the instructions to put it on the first time (first the armbands and inflate the belt once on the child), a few minutes of adjustment and then you're off for long afternoons of swimming! Plus it's adaptable so it's a purchase that will serve him for many years, so he's even happier!"

Yannick - “Very comfortable and maximum safety. Very, very secure. I highly recommend this product."

Karima - “Excellent product that helps the child float in the water, used in the sea under adult supervision, the child feels safe and has good freedom of movement. Be careful to check the weight as it is not suitable for children under 15kg. The product can easily be changed from waistbelt to armbands when the child starts swimming. I recommend this product."

Simon - “Parents of twins, one of whom was not very comfortable in the water. With this waistbelt, they have developed real autonomy in the water thanks to the sense of security it offers.


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