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Tuck somersaults in artistic swimming

How to do a tuck somersault in synchronised swimming Virginie Dedieu breaks down the figure step by step to make sure that you get it right!

Tuck somersaults are an essential movement in synchronised swimming. To do a perfect somersault, we have created this tutorial with the champion Virginie Dedieu. Breakdown of the movement, tips and exercises. Time to get into the water!

Virginie Dedieu: "This is one of the basic positions in synchronised swimming. In the imposed figures, somersaults are performed slowly and in a controlled manner. In team ballets, somersaults are performed more quickly.

Lalie Chassaigne tuck

Breakdown of the tuck somersault

The figure can be broken down into three main steps: 
1 - Lying down on your back: start off lying horizontally.
2 - Tucked position: then, lift your knees towards your chest.
3 - Pivot: the body pivots.

Depending on the expectations and the programme, step 3 will be a three-quarter rotation or a complete rotation of the body.


How to perform a 
tuck somersault 

Now that you have viewed the different positions of the body, let's get technical: Before starting, you must bear in mind that this is a figure that demands a lot of energy, in every step. 

Stretch your neck and head. Stretch out your feet.
Pretend that an invisible wire is pulling on the two extremities of your body.

The three steps

  • Virginie Dedieu group

    Step 1

    Now that you are in the pool on your back, feel how the water
     carries you almost on its own. 
    Without even having to move very much! 
    Make the most of this to save some energy before continuing!

  • Virginie Dedieu tuck

    Step 2

    In the group movement, as you raise your knees towards your chest, find your balance without sculling too much with your hands. 
    Here again, try to take it easy. 
    Let the water carry you, but your precious abdominals 
    are always there to help if necessary!

  • Lalie Chassaigne tuck

    Step 3

    Finally, when somersaulting, pull your head inwards as far as possible. You must feel as small and compact as possible. This will help your body to turn on its own without making too much effort. To finish off the rotation, put your hands under your buttocks. 
    Then, as your body flips, start sculling. Move your hands very close to your body and towards your shins.

    And that is how to do a tuck somersault!

How to do a tuck somersault

Virginie dedieu's tips to perform a tuck somersault

Make as few movements as possible. This is the key to feeling at ease when performing this figure.

Practise the tuck step of the movement without pressing with your hands. When your shins reach the surface of the water, make sure that your knees touch your chest. Your balance and stretching your body will do the rest for you! Pretend that you left your hands behind in the changing rooms. Then, it will be impossible to use them, and your body will find the solution.

You will get there with the encouragement of your team mates and plenty of practice! A tuck somersault specialist. And you should feel happy that we are asking you to do a little less for a change!