NEGOMBO material

NEGOMBO material

Find out the story behind the development of this new material: NEGOMBO.

What is NEGOMBO?

NEGOMBO is a recycled and recyclable component exclusive to DECATHLON. This material, which is now used to make swimwear, is patented and under exclusive contract with our industrial partner.

NEGOMBO material

The findings

To design swimwear, we have to use a material that moulds to the body, and for this, one thing is necessary: elasticity. In most cases, the solution is to combine 2 fibres. One of them is polyamide or polyester, the second is inevitably elastane.

Elastane is an elastic synthetic fibre which allows the material to achieve a good level of elastic return and consequently morphological adaptability. The problem? When this fibre is mixed with other fibres, it makes the material non-recyclable.

The challenge? To invent an elastic component that does not use elastane. Our goal was to make a component that was elastic, recycled and recyclable.

NEGOMBO material

Thoughts on this material

So what are we going to replace elastane with?
Elastane is replaced with T400eco fibre: a yarn developed by the Lycra Company which has the particular feature of having mechanical elasticity, a bit like curly hair. It's its spring-like shape that gives it its elasticity.

Made from 50% Recycled Polyester, the T400 fibre mixed with another Recycled Polyester yarn makes the final component recyclable.

NEGOMBO is therefore a mixture of recycled polyester made from plastic bottles (52%) and 48% T400eco.

So what's so innovative about that? The innovation is in the formula. From these 2 ingredients, we had to design an optimised knit ensure the final component had maximum elasticity. The uniqueness of the component therefore lies in the knitting technique. This technique is what has been patented.

The design phase

The research phase required no fewer than twenty trials with different yarn counts and knitting techniques to arrive at the final result. Our ultimate guarantee? An optimal level of elasticity with no need for elastane!

The advantages of this component

Recycled and recyclable
Made from 76% recycled fibres, this eco-designed component can also be recycled! The recyclability process is currently being tested with various textile stakeholders. The aim? Find an industrial solution to make fabric from fabric. Making a swimsuit from a swimsuit made from a swimsuit... As you can see, the aim is to set up a circular and regenerative system to extend the life of the material as long as possible.

It is the mechanical elasticity of the T400 fibre coupled with our patented and exclusive knitting technique that allows this material to retain its shape over time and meet the usage needs of a material that is intended for wear close to the body.

Ultra chlorine resistant
When you use your swimsuit, the fibre that deteriorates when exposed to chlorine is elastane. With NEGOMBO, there is no elastane!
Our laboratory tests demonstrate a chlorine resistance of over 500 hours! The durability of Negombo is therefore 5 times greater than a material with elastane. Mission accomplished! Your product lasts longer, which is good news for you and has a positive impact on its life cycle.

Compatible with waterless dyeing process
The advantage of polyester-based fabrics is that they can be printed by sublimation. Don't know what that is? It's a technique that involves printing patterns on paper, with the dyes being transferred by heat directly to the fabric. No need for water. This technique has 60% lower CO2 emissions than conventional dyeing techniques.

Opaque and UPF 50
With its 210 grams of opacity, there's no need for a liner in your swimwear. This saves fabric and the suit dries faster. Added benefit: It has UV 50+ protection.