The QUICK’IN system

The QUICK’IN system

Find out the story behind the development of the exclusive and patented QUICK'IN system.

What is the QUICK'IN system?

QUICK'IN is a patented and exclusive system that makes it easy to put on your swimming paddles. This system is currently being implemented on several DECATHLON | NABAIJI products.

The QUICK’IN system

The findings

Paddles are one of the most important pieces of swimming equipment. Made to be worn over your hands or fingers, they are essential if you want to become a better swimmer and and improve your swimming technique.

Swimming paddles are used by all types of swimmers, whether you are looking to discover new stroke sensations, to progress or to perfect your skills.

By observing swimmers as they swam, we realised that the placement and use of the paddles was not always straightforward. Difficulty in adjusting, pain, compression, paddles that move during the swim thus slowing down proper movement... You're not always comfortable swimming with paddles and finding the right adjustment can be a headache!

What if it was possible to adjust your paddles in just a few seconds and then swim comfortably?

The QUICK’IN system

Thoughts on this product

We set out to find a solution that would allow you to put on your swimming paddles quickly, without having to adjust them. Basically, we were looking for a way to swim efficiently, productively and comfortably with swimming paddles.

Our idea was to use a small piece of silicone that would act as a spring, allowing your paddles to be adjusted at finger level. We also wanted the product to be able to be disassembled piece by piece to facilitate its repair and recycling (which includes not using glue to assemble the parts).

The QUICK’IN system

The design phase

There were a lot of prototypes! Innovation goes hand in hand with creativity. We did our first tests with what we had at hand... The very first prototypes were made from an old model of swimming snorkel. We took a fragment of the snorkel to make our modular silicone piece. We even tried to make a wing out of pieces of garden hose, which turned out to be too soft. By testing and re-testing, one thing became clear: ideally, we needed to make a wing with a spring effect, which would allow for simple and optimal adjustment.

The material of the spring was ultimately the most important. We chose silicone because it's a material that always returns to its position and doesn't deform over time. Silicone also ensures that the spring effect is not lost.

Our patented and exclusive QUICK'IN system is therefore composed of a polypropylene wing and a piece of silicone attached under the surface of the paddles. With this system, putting them on is simple. Put on your paddle, push the fin up with your opposite hand, slide your index and middle fingers underneath, and then release the pressure. That's it, you're ready to go!

And why are all the plastic bases of our paddles black? Because they are made of 100% recycled plastic!

Product benefits

✅ Quick on/off
Put on and take off your paddles quickly with the patented QUICK'IN wing system.

✅ Hold
The ergonomic shape of the paddle ensures excellent hold during practice. The paddle stays in place, attached to your hand.
If the product moves while you are swimming, it means that your stroke isn't quite right. This makes swimming paddles an excellent progress indicator.

Let's hear from the swimmers

Alina - “Great hold, easy to put on."

Amélie - “Paddles that are nice to use with good propulsion, used for swim and run: easy to put on, you just have to adjust the wrist strap."

Clémentine - “Very comfortable to put on and take off with the adjustable strap and the inter-finger tab which adapts perfectly to the thickness of the hand. It makes putting them on and then swimming them really enjoyable!"

Patricia - “Very practical to put them on your hands in about 5 seconds: they're on, they're off."



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