Our key years

From the name choice and the brand’s first steps, to innovative products and new disciplines,
find out about the key events that shaped NABAIJI’S history.


2004: Feet in the water

It was in Hendaye, between the port and the ocean, that our water sports – brought together under the TRIBORD brand – decided to set up camp closer to our users, to design and test the products of tomorrow. The Water Sport Center became the DECATHLON Group’s global watersports design and innovation hub.

2008: The first chapter

History finally begins. NABAIJI’S history. Because swimming had been a part of DECATHLON for a long time, but under another watersports brand: TRIBORD.

Why split it up? In order to specialise, differentiate ourselves and unite around a passion sport: swimming. Our aim? To allow our sports customers to benefit from even more in-depth expertise and ever higher quality products. That’s where the story began.

At the time, NABAIJI included 4 disciplines: Swimming,, aquafitness, learning to swim and team watersports.


NABAIJI: why the name?

At the time, NABAIJI was made up of only 10 or so passionate teammates. Engineers, stylists, designers and product managers. These were the people who started the brand. But even when there are 10 of you, it’s not that easy to come up with a name that makes sense, while representing and uniting the brand. Initially known as the “Swimming People”, the group finally agreed on one word: NABAIJI. They had found their name!

The “NA” from “Natation” (swimming), our sport, our world, our passion.
And the “BAIJI”, a freshwater dolphin that lives in the Yangzi River in China, regarded as a goddess by locals.

Spark up your swim!

A team, a name, products... Maybe now’s the time to agree on the values that unite us? More importantly, the core values this group of pioneers wants to transmit. 4 words were suggested: sharing, bravery, curiosity and pep.

NABAIJI'S desire? To bring vitality to the world of swimming! With intuitive and innovative products, original colours and a close-knit, energetic team. And all driven by a passion shared by each and every one of us.

2008: "My size" goggles

A revolution hits the goggles section! The concept? 1 goggles model, split into 7 different sizes. The goal? For all swimmers to be able to find swimming goggles that suit their face perfectly. Measuring equipment was placed in store to allow everyone to find the perfect pair. Different heads, different sizes. Let’s stop leaks and maximise comfort and fun! 

2010: The first innovations are hitting their stride

Get lost in music... NABAIJI counts your lengths! The MP3 waterproof is this year’s star product. It’s a device that lets you listen to music when swimming, while tracking distance swam and training time. The team heads to the DECATHLON Innovation Awards and places 2nd on the podium.

On the learning to swim and aquafitness side of things, there’s also a new product:

The KLOUPI swimsuit. Available in several different colours, it helps keep little ones warm and guarantees great thermal comfort, allowing them to enjoy their aquatic adventure to the full.

The PULLPUSH and FIXOPIE: These aquafitness accessories attach to the hands and feet. Like aquatic dumbbells, they help reinvent your aquafitness by focusing on building upper and lower body muscle.

2011: Time for the first TV ad!

For the first time on your screens: a DECATHLON advert for a swimming product. The lucky chosen product to take the spotlight? The King Cham towel, an ultra-compact, soft and absorbant microfibre towel. It’s a real revolution with how easy it is to use and how quick it dries.

2013: Our swimming world champion partners

A great year for the brand and its swimmer partners! NABAIJI mounts the world swimming championship podium in Barcelona.
Two gold medals for Yannick Agnel: one for the 200m and one for the 4x100m with his team. Two bronze medals for Camille Muffat: one for the 200m and one for the 4x200m with his team. The athletes are kitted out with the brand’s products: swimming goggles, hats, swimsuits and competition jammer shorts.


2013: Aquaresist technology

The durability of your swimsuits is a top priority for us. That’s why we created the AQUARESIST label! Swimsuits carrying this label are made of PBT and elastolefin. Before they get to you, the fabrics have to withstand some serious torture: they are laboratory tested and submerged in chlorinated water for over 200 hours. Elasticated, comfortable and durable, these swimsuits will accompany you through many hours of practice!


2014: Tiswim: 3-in-1 armbands!

Time to change your growing child’s armbands? No problem for NABAIJI’s teams! 3 products in 1: this is the challenge our teams had to overcome with this innovation. The TISWIM is an adjustable armbands-belt that accompanies your child’s growth. For use as a whole, as armbands alone or as a belt, the TISWIM revolutionises the way kids learn and makes parents’ lives easier!

2015: Goggles with optical correction? Say hello to the optical Selfit goggles!

We always try to bring products to the market that are different. Here’s the new innovation: swimming goggles with corrective lenses for short-sightedness. A real revolution! Swim clearly and comfortably using an adjustable pair of goggles, comprising a frame and detachable lenses.


2016: B-fast swimming goggles

An innovation for advanced swimmers. With its innovative nose bridge system that can be adjusted to the nearest micrometre, B-FAST goggles provide perfect stability for training and competitions. In 2016, they took 2nd place on the podium at the DECATHLON Innovation Awards.


2016: Quick’in swimming hand paddles

A new innovation for swimmers! Easy to put on, easy to take off. The patented and exclusive QUICK’ IN system makes the swimming paddles easier to put on. The polypropylene fin and silicon piece attached under the surface of the paddles allow you to find the perfect fit and optimum hold without hurting yourself.

2018: New playing fields

Our world expands. New sports appear. 4 new disciplines come into play: open-water swimming, swimrun, water polo and artistic (or synchronised) swimming. We differentiate ourselves and specialise, in order to be closer to every swimmer and offer products that perform better and better.

2021: A step closer towards eco-design with the dope dyeing technique

A new technique for dyeing your microfibre towels!

To add colour to a fabric, the traditional process involves dipping it in large quantities of water to which you add coloured pigments. With the new dope dyeing process, the colour pigments are added directly to the thread when it is manufactured.

The result? 70% less water consumption, 46% less CO2 consumption, colours that stand the test of time and don’t fade.

The story continues...

Day after day, the NABAIJI story is written with you.

We continue to innovate to make swimming more accessible, enjoyable and sustainable. See you soon for new adventures...

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