10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming

Swimming has several benefits for the body! It is particularly beneficial for strengthening the midsection and losing stomach fat.

10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming

Here I’ve listed 10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming. However, if I could only give you one, it would be this: before all else, you should exercise for enjoyment and for your well-being. Summer is already here; and I don’t want to tell you to wait until you have the “ideal” stomach to put on a swimming costume. After all, we’re not here to make you feel insecure. If you want to get a slimmer stomach, do it for yourself and at your own pace. For that, swimming is your friend.

Tip no.1: swimming for enjoyment and for technique

If you’re starting or continuing swimming for losing weight or stomach fat, I recommend that you concentrate on the enjoyment and the physical benefits, as well as the psychological advantages of this activity. And yes, swimming makes you happy. That’s the first reason why we should be pushing ourselves to enter the water! Again; the best way to keep at it and rack up the lengths without getting tired of it is to do it for yourself, for enjoyment and without a sense of obligation.

Regarding technique, this is essential for improving. And by improving your technique, notably thanks to exercises, you will concentrate your efforts on your abdominal muscles, as well as others. The more you master the different strokes, the more you work your abs. And that is the best way to lose some stomach fat. I’ll tell you more about it just below.

10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming
10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming


We’ve said it time and time again: to lose weight, you have to do cardio. Yes, that’s not the only solution, but it’s a good way to achieve it. Unsurprisingly, to lose weight, you have to burn calories. That works out well, swimming is particularly energy-consuming, as long as you don’t stay at the edge of the pool, of course!

For it to be effective, I recommend sessions of at least 45 minutes, at a good pace. What is a good pace? Above all, it’s your own. It’s pointless to beat time records to see results.

So, how many calories are spent during a swimming session? That depends on the strokes. Breaststroke burns around 340 calories per half-hour, and butterfly 380 calories during the same amount of time. Of course, this varies according to the intensity of your session.

Tip no.3: front crawl for a slimmer waist

Particularly popular with swimmers, front crawl works your obliques. And strengthening the obliques allows you to achieve a slimmer waist and to lose stomach fat. If that’s your goal, some front crawl lengths would be a good idea. My advice: the more you stretch your arms with every movement, the more your obliques are used!

Here are all the training drills for front crawl, with or without accessories. My recommendation: exercises that work the legs, and, more precisely kicking.

The strategy: lose stomach fat and, in particular, improve your technique.

The ideal: using all four strokes. They complement each other.

10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming

Tip N°4: undulations or butterfly stroke

I’m not sure that the idea will please everyone, there are even some who are afraid of it: the butterfly stroke is the one that works the midsection the most. And it uses them extensively! I can reassure you, if you’re still not confident with the butterfly stroke, try some training drills. You know, these short exercises for improving your technique. Shall I share one or two with you? Let’s go!

Undulations on the stomach: Stretch out with your arms extended in front of you. Push off from the wall with your feet, then make undulations to travel as far as possible. If it’s too difficult, use a board to help you. I promise I won’t judge. Once you’ve mastered undulations on the stomach and the back, try undulations on your side. What’s that? Performing the undulating movement when on your side, quite simply. It’s particularly effective for your abs.

Butterfly with one arm: For a few lengths, try undulating with just one arm. Keep the other arms by your side. Focus on your undulations, not on the movement of your arms.

10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming

Tip no.5: try using fins

Head to the lane for swimmers with fins. Why? Because swimming with fins is a cardio workout. And cardio increases the number of calories that you spend and gets rid of fat. I’ll say it louder, burning calories is essential for losing stomach fat. With the resistance created, the intensity and effort required are greater. Swimming lengths with accessories is also a great way to vary your activities and never get bored in the pool.

Another benefit of fins: they are great for toning up the thighs and buttocks, and they also work the midsection fairly well. My advice: undulations, the type I was just talking about, with fins. Exhausted after just one or two lengths? Like I told you, fins mean cardio

Tip no.6: a good dose of patience and consistency

So, you’ve already done three sessions and you still aren’t seeing the effects on your stomach and abs? I have to tell you, it's going to be a test of patience. Losing stomach fat takes time and requires discipline! The good news is that, once you’ve tried the joy of swimming, you don’t really want to stop. I say this very knowingly, so I’m trusting you not to be the exception.

The ideal frequency for making the lost of the benefits of swimming: two to three times a week, for at least 45 minutes. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from starting with a weekly session of half an hour, then gradually increasing. The important thing is to go at your own pace and last for the whole time. Usually, the first results are visible after around three weeks. That’s quite encouraging!

Tip N°7: train your abs, but in the water!

No more sets of crunches and ab exercises on the floor. We’ll stay in the water. So yes, working your abdominal belt without wearing out your mat is possible. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from mixing the two methods. Or not ;)

In practical terms, how can we train abs in the water? Go to the edge of the pool, but not to chat with your neighbour in the next lane. Once close to the edge, position yourself with your back against the wall. Hold yourself up with your arms. And this is where the effort begins: stretch out your legs, then fold them to bring them into your chest. Do it again. And again, and then once more. To tone up even more, keep your core tensed to work your abs.

Feel free to vary the pace by alternating slower and more dynamic movements. The slower and more controlled a movement, the more you have to engage your core. And that’s all the more beneficial!

Tip no.8: streamlined and with your core fully engaged

If you have tried performing the plank on the ground, with your arms on the mat and abs tensed, you already know the benefits. Engaging your core strengthens the midsection gently but thoroughly, without any risk of injury. It even has benefits for the back and can improve your posture. You often do toning exercises during a Pilates session, or even in some yoga classes. But swimming is also recommended.

It’s a virtuous circle, really. Let me explain why! Does being streamlined mean anything to you? In swimming, the streamlined position - head and body aligned - helps you slip through the water and limits water resistance. Put simply, the more streamlined you are, the faster you swim. What does that have to do with engaging your core? Well, to be streamlined, you have to fully engage your core. Working on your technique is therefore the best method of toning your stomach and abs.

My advice: swim a few lengths while concentrating on your core and your position in the water. Firstly, go for a technique which favours speed!

Tip n°9: lose stomach fat, but not just that!

Maybe I’m going to bust a myth: it is not possible to lose fat or slim in a targeted way. Actually, weight loss happens overall. Of course, some strokes or exercises target the stomach a bit more. This doesn't mean that the advice given above is useless.

And well, it’s actually good news, your efforts will also benefit the rest of your body!

10 tips for losing stomach fat by swimming

Tip N°10: good daily habits

For losing stomach fat, swimming is good. But it’s not enough. Don’t be discouraged, quite the reverse! If you are disciplined in the pool, you should also practise good habits outside the water. A few pieces of advice:

Vary your activities: All sports are good for your health! So don't hold back. If, from time to time, your swimming session doesn’t appeal to you, you’re free to try another activity. The important thing is to keep your goals in mind, but to exercise for enjoyment above all!

You should eat well: I didn't plan to give you a nutritional plan though, sorry ;) You probably know the recommendations for a healthy diet. I suggest that you follow them or speak with a dietitian or nutritionist if that seems necessary to you.

Sleep is essential: It contributes to your general well-being, to your performance in the pool and to your weight loss. The recommendation from sleep experts: seven to nine hours per night, depending on your needs.

Finally, no guilt! For me, the essential is: to lose stomach fat without pressure and at your own pace. If it's not in time for this summer, it will be for the next one. Or the one after that. After all, you’re already great as you are. And that is important to tell yourself.