The school year is starting up and you want to start exercising (again). But when you see all those classes, all those machines for cardio, for weight training, it can be overwhelming.

Don't worry, here are my recommendations to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals.




5 keys for getting back into sport.

1- Make your own goals as you go along - they should be ambitious but achievable. For example: I'd like to go down a clothing size in 3 months.


2- Plan 3 workouts per week and put them in your diary with either a day between workouts, or else 30 minutes each day.


3- Alternate cardio and weight training but don’t forget to include workouts that are lighter on your body, such as Pilates.


4- Have the right equipment. Be especially careful when choosing shoes, and for women, be sure to get a good sports bra. If you choose skipping rope, for example? Choose trainers and a sports bra that will support you through high-impacts so that you don't end up sore, or worse, injured.


5- Remember to keep hydrated throughout your workout and to eat a a little something or a snack about an hour and a half before your workout (if you’ll be exercising long after your last meal) For example a piece of fruit, or a handful of nuts and dried fruit.