6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

To find out everything about her journey, partnership with Decathlon and objectives.

6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

Who is the French 2016 champion for required figures, youth category in synchronised swimming? 
Lalie Chassaigne! 
Swimmer at the Colomiers club in Haute-Garonne in France. She is also a Decathlon Artistic Swimming Partner. 

In 6 questions/answers, we portray a young high-level sportswoman with a promising future. 
A close-up on her sporting routine, her daily training, role as a Decathlon ambassador and sporting objectives.

6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

Lalie, how did you get into synchronised swimming?

Lalie Chassaigne: “I’m 15 years old and I have been doing synchronised swimming since I was 8, at the Colomiers club. I got into swimming thanks to my sister. She made me want to try this sport, which I enjoyed immediately.”

What do you like most about this sport?

L.C: “I very much like the contact with the water, everything that is artistic and also team sports. So, this was a great combination! I particularly like team swimming. When I swim alone, what I like the most is this sort of fusion with the water.”

6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion
6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

What is the day-to-day life of a young swimmer like?

L.C: “In the week, I split my time between classes at college and training at the youth centre for sporting performance expertise in Aix-En-Provence. In total, I train for 25 hours a week. There are also 3h of working out, outside the pool, dedicated to physical preparation, smoothness exercises or choreographic revisions.
On the nutritional plan, I am supported by the centre’s dietician who makes sure what I eat is balanced while also fuelling my important training load.”

What are your most recent artistic swimming competition results?

L.C: “At the 2018 French championship (winter), I finished first in individual, required figures and duo. In 2019, in the French elite championships, I got onto the podium in second place in solo, first in individual technique and duo. That same year, in a team with Colomiers, we came third in free combination and second in Highlight. Following these results, I was selected to participate in COMEN, an international competition where I finished third in solo. This year, I was also able to break into the French team at the world championships, where we finished ninth.”

You are also an artistic swimming ambassador for Decathlon, what does this partnership consist of?

L.C: “I have been in a partnership with Decathlon for 2 years. My role consists of trying products and giving my swimmer’s opinion. This year, I had the chance to work on a nose clip, a gelatin scarf, as well as two swimsuits: one for ballet and one for required figures. What made me want to embark on this adventure was being able to improve the daily lives of swimmers.”

6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

What are your sporting objectives in the medium and long-term?

L.C: “I’d like to get into the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP), in Paris, which prepares high-level athletes for international competitions alongside their studies. With regard to competitions, a lot were cancelled in 2020, due to the health context. But in the short-term, this winter I hope, I’d like to make it into the top trio at the next national elite championship. The same podium objective with the French junior team at the European championship. I’m also aiming to get into a senior team to access international competitions and reach the highest level to take part in big competitions.”

6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

Impressive results and high sporting ambitions for Lalie, artistic swimming champion and Decathlon ambassador. 
Partner advice: Monitor your performances closely! 

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6 questions to Lalie Chassaigne, Artistic Swimming champion

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