How to choose my waterpolo suit

The waterpolo suit is one of the main question we have when we start waterpolo. Its shape and its material are particular. Here is how to choose it!

How to choose my waterpolo suit

The waterpolo suit is one of the main question we have when we start waterpolo. Which fabric should I choose? Why is the shape like that? How to customize my beloved suit? Take my hand and follow me for a tour on questions you might have and answers WATKO has to you.


That is the first surprising thing about water polo suits. The indentation is particular. Short trunks only if you’re a man, high side and zipper if you’re a woman, this might be disturbing. So why are the two shapes that important and that different from swimming suits? 

In a first hand you need to have high mobility in your legs. The eggbeater movement and its success depends on your hips flexibility and ability to do this quickly and with strength.If your suit goes to long on your thigh then it’ll impede your movement. 

For the woman one's there is no hole in your back. There is no place for skin visibility with the big zipper. Why? Because you don’t want to be caught by your opponent, and fewer are the possible grip points on you the better it is for your game. 

The last point with the shape question is how water polo suits are sized. If your are used to wear a classic swimsuit then be prepared you might be tight! Our suits are voluntarily very dense. So if you want to be comfortable don’t hesitate to take one size above yours and wear it. As long as you can put it without any help and close the zipper then it’s the good one!

How to choose my waterpolo suit
How to choose my waterpolo suit

The different materials and why this particular fabric

What is common to all water polo suits is the question of the material. So elastane, polyamide, polyester, which one to choose? Which one is to be avoided?

The big advantage of elastane is, as its name suggests, its elasticity. But… she's not a big fan of chlorine. With environmental issues that we have and eco conception that we do, choosing this material would be counterproductive.

On the other hand, polyester is a very strong but not very flexible mesh rib. High tensile strength and abrasion or pilling resistance but quite rough to the touch. Polyester can also be made with recycled rib. The high tensile strength is also a good way to limit the number of grip points. Remember what we said earlier about the shapes ;)

The third material often used in the conception of swimsuits is polyamide. Its advantages: a lightness and a quick drying, nice when you have two trainings per day, and a good resistance to traction and abrasion. But it is also very sensitive to heat and UV with a risk of color degradation in the sun. And we shall not forget the pleasure of outdoor waterpolo.

For all these reasons at WATKO we chose 55% PES and 45% PBT polyester with a lining in the same material.

Focus : Customization  

Like every collective sport, when you play waterpolo in a club, you are a proud defender of your team. And you need your identity to be seen by everyone. So why would you choose a simple, one colored and basic polo suit when you can customize your own.

That is why we decided to join a personalization temple named Decathlon Pro. Here you will be able to decide which color fits your team the best. You can either choose a pre-designed one and customize it or contact the dedicated designer to create the perfect match.

That’s how we made WATKO team’s waterpolo suit : the WATKO frogs. A unique design, recognizable by all our supporters and opponents.

Show your strengths, create your own polo suit with Decathlon Pro ;)

How to choose my waterpolo suit

Now you know all there is to know about water polo suits!

How to choose my waterpolo suit


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